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L.V. Control Sdn Bhd 

Patented Invention

L.V. Control Sdn Bhd designed, invented, patented, and manufactured DUVAL® Surge Protection Devices and DUVAL® RCCB with Auto Reset System.

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L.V. Control Sdn Bhd is a one-stop lightning protection and nuisance tripping specialist centre. We are the key solution provider for your lightning protection needs. We sourced, identified and proposed high quality products that meet customers’ requirement and expectation.

✔ One stop lightning protection and nuisance tripping specialist

✔ Sourced, identified and proposed high quality products and provide excellent added-value services that meets customers’ requirements

✔ Nimble, flexible, and dedicated in providing long term sales and technical services

✔ Invents, designs and manufactures products complete with world certification

✔ Provide full site installation work for lightning protection system for bungalow owners and contractors

✔ Conduct in-depth product marketing, product demonstration, product trial run to large scale end users

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We focus on high quality products and services with our 4R philosophy: Reliable, Responsible, Reachable & Responsive. Our values are embedded in our business, reflecting the sense of duty and responsibility to provide customers satisfaction. At the same time, holding on to our commitment to contribute towards a well-protected surrounding and saving the environment for you and your future generations.

L.V. Control Sdn Bhd is managed by a team of highly experienced and skilled engineers and professionally-trained technicians who are experts in lightning protection systems. We have a strong and committed team of marketing professionals, who are well versed with the practical applications of the product, catering to private homes owners and in large-scale turnkey projects in most major industries in Malaysia.

Total Customers’ Satisfaction
L.V. Control Sdn Bhd provides high quality products with excellent added-value services to its customers. It strives to understand each customer’s specific and detailed requirement and do its best to provide an optimal solutions to meet the high quality-concious customer. L.V. Control also ensures all products undergo stringent quality control at each level of production, ensuring that the best product is manufactured at all times according to the highest international standard requirements. We hvae set-up a special Home Owner Section, catering to the specific demands from this sector, providing basic knowledge sharing to detailed site analysis for house owners only.

Research and Development
L.V. Control Sdn Bhd allocates time and financial resources, working with expert in lightning surge arrester to design, update and manufacture its products based on the latest IEC requirements and ensure that each model comes with Full Type Test Report according to IEC-61643.

Professionally Skilled Support
L.V. Control Sdn Bhd's workforce are highly skilled in their respective specialised field, providing speedy and strong engineering support, documentation support and product training support to ensure customers are fully attended to at all times.

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